What do yo like about the Europe?
I like Europe for democracy, tradition, culture, diversity.

What did your country gave to Europe (music, literature, theatre, politics…)?
Poland gave to Europe our culture, tradition, history. Famous people like: Fryderyk Chopin (musician composer), Wisława Szymborska (poet, Nobel Prize Laureat in literature), Lech Wałęsa (politic, Nobel Peace Prize Laureat), Adam Małysz, Agnieszka Radwańska (sportsman) etc.

My country is an example how to start our nationality, existence from the beginning, after war or other crisis. Besides that we have very good kitchen, cuisine 😉

What did Europe gave to your country (generals, kings&queens, artists, concepts)?
Thanks to Europe, European Union Poland is developing. We have much more possibilities.

In result of your time in JCI: What did you love in JCI?
This is my 7th year in JCI. I’m here because of at least few reasons. It’s great possibility to meet people, culture, tradition. One man can much but together we can do much more. Change beginns with me. The things which encouraged me to join was charity action in my local chapter and international projects, meetings. It’s also good way to see/learn how to manage company. I know JCI from the other side. I had great opportunity to be 2016 JCI European Council treasurer. JCI is an organization of young active leaders. I believe that together we can create better future for us, local areas, countries, world.

What do you love about the Senat?
Maybe it’s a bit to early to talk about it. Now i feel that JCI Senators are great, very supporting, full of energy people. It was an honour and great opportunity for me to receive from JCI Europe Senat grant for 2015 JCI European Academy.

What is your vision for Europe in 2044, the 75th anniversary of the European Senat?
I hope that time will be much more peace in the world. 
European Senat will be still supporting JCI nembers and organizations.

What is the action you take to make that vision happen?
I’ll try to do as much as i can to support my local and national organization. In 2044 it will be 55th anniversary of JCI Poland.