Most of us have knowledge, skills, networks… that we could make available to members and senators who seek them. Everybody knows we have an exceptional resource at our disposal during our congresses, a wealth that we could use much more.

In order to develop business opportunities, we will organize business appointments between “expert senators” and members/senators during the world congress in Tallinn and the European conference in Dublin. Besides, we’ll ask JCI to include a business seminar (members and senators) in the agenda of Tallinn and Dublin to increase our visibility.

We’ll also work on an easy to use offer to senators to put their business cards and their searches/offers on our website.

Communication July, 21st

Our last Google Meet conference (July, 5th) lead us to some evolutions and the will to design a concrete, useful and sustainable project. The plan is to send a questionnaire worldwide (in the second part of August in order to get answers before our meeting in Bordeaux) to identify the needs of the senators, create a platform that meets their demands, communicate about the platform and organize business appointments/groups/meetings in Tallinn.

  • Dmitri had good contacts with senators and JCI members in Jeju Korea (ASPAC conference in June). They showed interest to our project and are ready to work with us.
  • Dmitri is to meet JCI President Alexander Tio in Russia in July and speak to him about our project and requirements (agenda, working sessions, rooms…) in Tallinn.
  • Victor is to write two questionnaires before the end of July (one for the mentors and one for companies and/or senators/members which need mentors).
  • Tarlok will promote the project and the questionnaire during the Finnish senate weekend in Vihti (August 16/18).

We decided to invite Frank Frost to our next conference. He could help us a lot because he’s got the biggest senate database.

Team > Dmitri Afanasiev, Tarlok Singh Sidhu, Victor Gallavardin

Communication May, 31st

Tarlok, Dmitri and I had a conference (May, 16th) and we discussed about the evolution of the subject. Victor wrote (May, 25th) a proposal with 4 topics to be worked by the team. A project about business cards on the website is also on the way. News will come soon on the webpage.

Team > Dmitri, Tarlok, Victor

Coming soon…