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Everybody knows that most of us have knowledge, skills, networks… that we could make available to members and senators who seek them, especially during our JCI events. This is a real wealth that we could use much more in our everyday life.

In order to develop and use this exceptional resource with a concrete, useful and sustainable project, our ASE team is working on a program to assist JCI members and senators in their projects.

After some attempts, we have finally decided to create a database with 2 inputs:

  • JCI Business & Mentoring Need if you need support in your JCI project, personal business or mentoring
  • JCI Business & Mentoring Offer if you want to support JCI members or senators in their JCI project, personal business or mentoring.

We’ll also work on an easy-to-use offer for senators to put their business cards and their searches/offers on our website.

ASE « Business & Networking » Team > Dmitri Afanasiev, Tarlok Singh Sidhu & Victor Gallavardin.