René’s story

JCI organ donation – initiated by JCI Iserlohn (Germany)

« Hello, I’m René! I need your help – and eventually, unfortunately, a donor liver.

Many of you know me from various trainings, from national and international conferences or my posts from #WJochenende.

After several years of professional and JCI full throttle, I pushed the constant fatigue and almost no recovery on overexertion and went – completely unconcerned – to my family doctor. The following health check revealed liver abnormalities. It was followed by a marathon to doctors and specialists, numerous investigations … and in the end, the suspicion was confirmed: it is an end-stage liver cirrhosis of unknown cause!

The fright for family and friends was great!

I was until recently, apparently, perfectly healthy! What was missing for a long time was the cause.

Alcohol, drugs, poisoning, autoimmune diseases, everything could be gradually eliminated.


In the second half of the year, my health deteriorated dramatically, and I have not been able to work since then, spending several weeks in the hospital during periods of stress. Twice I had to jump the devil, but my will remained strong. I did not want to accept on my own that the cause could not be found out.

By chance, my illness then got a name: I suffer from the very, very rare Budd-Chiari syndrome (hepatic venous thrombosis), a progressive closure of the blood vessels in the liver.

Since then it was clear that I am at some point and then only a donor organ can help. Since January 2019 I am now on the transplant list – and wait! Now I am the often nameless patient who needs an organ donation in weeks, months or perhaps years.


I know that some can not trust that everything is right when choosing a donor or assigning organs. So far, I have seen the system as very precise and positively bureaucratic in this context, also because of the great doctors and supervising departments.

Please inform yourself exactly and then decide!

The encouragement of families and friends from the WJ network is overwhelming and gives me tremendous strength. Spontaneous, serious offers for living donations, financial support and always an open ear, for almost 1.5 years now, touch me a lot. In all humility, I am very grateful for what I receive from you.

I wish that more people – and especially my JCI friends – would choose to save a person’s life after their death. No matter how healthy you live, it can hit anyone! « 


René Elsässer



More information available (in German language):

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Make an Impact in Diane Kwemain’s Life

Make an Impact in Diane Kwemain’s Life

Ms. Diane Kwemain is a beautiful and gentle soul. On July 27, 2018, she celebrates her 13th birthday and with your support, you can make a tremendous impact on her life!

Regrettably, Diane will not be celebrating her early teenage year in her home country of Cameroon with her family, classmates, and friends. She has been hospitalized for almost a year in Belgium.

Diane was diagnosed with Scoliosis (an abnormal curve in the spine). After a month of initial treatment, she developed a respiratory problem that led her to stay in the intensive care unit for more than 3 months. She was then transferred to a respiratory re-education center in Inkendaal, Belgium.

Further complications occurred with respiratory depression due to “myopathy,” affecting the growth of her limbs. Her physicians have proposed a 12-hour surgery as the remedy for her current condition.

Diane Kwemain is the only daughter and second child of the charismatic 2010 JCI President who made an impact in the lives of so many young adults all over the world and he recently authored a book entitled the “Impact of One.”

In light of the above, we kindly request and solicit your financial assistance to the Kwemain family to help with the burden of the medical costs for Diane. We pray for her well-being and quick recovery so she can celebrate her 13th birthday with her family and friends on July 27.

We are certain that we can count on you in order to demonstrate our belief in the JCI Creed “that service to humanity is the best of life,” and that the impact of one is relevant when each one of us has the capacity to make a positive impact!

Thank you for your support and kind attention.

Respectfully signed by,

Paschal Dike, 2016 JCI World President
Nousrina Peerbux, JCI Senate Chair, Africa & the Middle East
Desmond Alufohai, Past JCI Executive Director

“emergency call” to Senator Kate Canty

My 16-year-old teenage-daughter decided to attend a “summer school”-programme starting on Saturday (lunchtime) in Oxford during the Easter Break. We’d booked everything in advance:

  • a train from home to Hanover Airport
  • a flight from Hanover to Birmingham on Friday evening
  • one night in an airport hotel in Birmingham
  • a train from Birmingham Airport to Oxford on Saturday morning
  • accommodation on the campus

Plus one week later:

  • a bus from Oxford to London-Heathrow
  • a flight from London to Hanover

The journey went well, until our daughter arrived in Birmingham. Near midnight, we received a call: our 16-year-old was stuck at immigration/customs. As a minor under British law, she was not allowed to stay alone in a hotel. And if no adult were to take care of her, she would be forced to stay overnight in a shelter for homeless teens.

Fortunately, an “emergency call” to Senator Kate Canty (#60311), who was kind enough to offer bed and breakfast, spared her from this fate. A big thank you to you for the prompt and unbureaucratic reaction!

Max P. Tuijtel