What do you like about Europe?
The Unity and the diversity it incorporates.

What did your country give to Europe?
Malta is the southern most part of Europe, situated between Italy and Libya in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea our country has always been a crossroad for different cultures, we have brought different types of cuisine that have a Middle Eastern Influence. Malta is also the birth place of Dr Edward De Bono, he is the founder of Lateral Thinking.  Malta has also been for centuries the base for different European countries forming strategic alliances.

What did Europe give to your country?
Malta being European and part of the EU has given endless opportunities that otherwise would have not been possible on this tiny island, both for work and study.

In result of your time: What did you love about JCI?
JCI gave me endless opportunities of growth and development. It helped me experience different cultures and countries in a safe environment. It also helped me meet like minded people, with common goals. However, the most important thing that JCI gave me is the belief that one person can make a change.

What do you love about the Senate?
I am not very active within the senate, however what I like about the Senate is the link between the young members and the past of JCI. I believe that the Senate is a very important source for the organization to move forward and learn from what was successful or not in previous years. The Senators are proof of how JCI aids members to grow and develop both personally and in business.

What is your vision for Europe in 2044, the 75th anniversary of the Europe Senate.
Although 2044 seems a long way away, I hope that the European Senate remains strong and start to working more closely with Local Chapters to grow, since the decline of membership is very worrying for the organization. The last thing that we need is to have more senators than active members. 

What is the vision you take to make that vision happen
For this to happen I believe that a Mentoring program needs to be set up throughout Europe with senators that want to contribute towards this project.