Association of JCI Senators in Europe – Constitution


The name of the organisation is “Association of JCI Senators in Europe”, hereafter designated by the word “Association”.  Europe for the purpose of these Articles is as defined by JCI.


The purpose of the Association is the following:

  • To promote friendship amongst JCI Senators,
  • To maintain and encourage the formation of contacts among them,
  • To help create national groups of JCI Senators,
  • Whenever possible to assist organisers of multinational JCI conferences in arranging special programmes for JCI Senators,
  • To provide support to LOM and NOM members of JCI whenever it is sought,
  • To encourage greater participation of members in the activities of the Association.

Junior Chamber International (JCI)

Whilst the Association shall under no circumstances interfere with or try to influence directly or indirectly the actions or/and policy of JCI or any one of its NOMs or LOMs, it will liaise with JCI on matters of relevance to JCI Senators through the medium of the joint board of JCI Area Senate Associations.  The Association is recognised by JCI as the Area Senate Association for Europe.


Membership of the Association is automatically extended to all JCI Senators living in Europe or nominated to the Senate by a European NOM.

National groups in the European Area of JCI

The head of each national group of JCI Senators in the European Area of JCI will act as liaison officer between his or her group and the Association.

General meeting

The Association shall meet once a year during a JCI Multinational conference in Europe.  During such a meeting each Senator in attendance has one vote and cannot carry proxies.

At the start of such a meeting, an Agenda including any suggestions from the Association Board for consideration is to be adopted and discussed.  The work of the Board members and, if necessary, their geographical assignments will be defined.  Administration and financial reports will be received.  Any decisions tending to further the objectives of the Association will be taken.  This list is in no way restrictive.  A draft Agenda shall be sent to each national group of JCI Senators not less than 28 days before the annual meeting.


The affairs of the Association shall be managed by an elected Board comprising a President, Deputy President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President and not more than five Ambassadors (the elected Board).

Other Board members may be appointed for specified duties.  The annual meeting or the Board will have the authority to co-opt them.  Unless otherwise decided by the elected Board, co-opted Board members shall not have voting rights at Board meetings.

The Board is responsible for the management of the Association and the carrying out of the decisions taken in the course of the annual meeting.  It is elected for one year; its office starting immediately after the conclusion of the meeting at which it was elected until the conclusion of the following year’s meeting.

During its annual meeting, the Association shall choose the elected Board.  The election for the President will be held first, followed by the election of the Deputy President.  Candidates for these offices shall have served as a member of the Board for a minimum of 2 years, at least one of those years as an elected member.  Subsequently, the Secretary and the Treasurer and finally the Ambassadors will be elected.  The immediate Past President is a member of the Board ex officio.

Candidates shall give notice of their candidacy to the Secretary not less than 28 days before the annual meeting.  The Secretary shall publish the names of candidates to Board Members, National Chairmen and candidates not less than 14 days before the annual meeting.

Members of the Board may be re-elected or co-opted, but no individual shall be eligible to serve on the board for more than five consecutive years apart from in the roles of President, Deputy President and Immediate Past President (IPP); the President and IPP cannot stand for further election.


There shall be no fixed membership fee and activities of the Association shall be financed by voluntary contributions only.


Should the Association be dissolved, all funds available will be handed to JCI to be used in the same way as those collected as entrance fees to the Senate.