What do you like about Europe?
The fact that every country has wonderful and unique art, museums, architecture, countryside and traditions.

What did your country gave to Europe?
The best artists, from Michelangelo to Caravaggio, from Leonardo da Vinci to Raffaello. The best architects from Bartolomeo Rastrelli to Leon Battista Alberti, from Bramante to Brunelleschi to Renzo Piano. The best music composers from Vivaldi to Rossini, from Verdi to Puccini. The best writers and poets from Dante to Manzoni, from Leopardi to Ungaretti and Pirandello. The best cinema directors and actors, from Antonioni to Fellini, from Mastroianni to Sofia Loren, the best opera singers, musicians, food and wine.

Last but not the least, Italy gave to Europe two of the founding fathers of the European Union: Altiero Spinelli and Alcide De Gasperi. And the first european woman who became JCI President.

What did Europa gave to your country?
Democracy and the opportunity to live in peace.

In result of your time at JCI: What did you love about JCI?
I love that gives opportunities of growth to young people through amazing projects, interesting trainings and wonderful events. I love that gives opportunities to build friendships with members all over the world and a great networking.

What do you love about the Senate?
I love that gives the chance to keep on being part of JCI and to support new projects and new members.

What is your vision for Europa in 2044, the 75th anniversary of the European Senate?
A more integrated union of countries, goals and ideas and a lasting prosperity and democracy.

What is the action you take to make that vision happen?
As I learned in JCI, the impact of one is the key. So I will try to pursue these goals through my commitment in JCI, at work and in my everyday life.