My 16-year-old teenage-daughter decided to attend a “summer school”-programme starting on Saturday (lunchtime) in Oxford during the Easter Break. We’d booked everything in advance:

  • a train from home to Hanover Airport
  • a flight from Hanover to Birmingham on Friday evening
  • one night in an airport hotel in Birmingham
  • a train from Birmingham Airport to Oxford on Saturday morning
  • accommodation on the campus

Plus one week later:

  • a bus from Oxford to London-Heathrow
  • a flight from London to Hanover

The journey went well, until our daughter arrived in Birmingham. Near midnight, we received a call: our 16-year-old was stuck at immigration/customs. As a minor under British law, she was not allowed to stay alone in a hotel. And if no adult were to take care of her, she would be forced to stay overnight in a shelter for homeless teens.

Fortunately, an “emergency call” to Senator Kate Canty (#60311), who was kind enough to offer bed and breakfast, spared her from this fate. A big thank you to you for the prompt and unbureaucratic reaction!

Max P. Tuijtel