Our association will continue the fruitful collaboration we have with the JCI board of directors, the JCI Senate and the JCI headquarters, inform the NOMs about our work in order to give a better knowledge about the ASE and to generate synergies between our structures.

To inform our European senators, we’ll collect significant information from NOMs, original and innovative projects from LOMs in all countries and publish them in our newsletters. We’ll do that also from the European Senate towards the NOMs/LOMs.

We also plan to offer 7 (or more if possible) registration fees to first timers in Dublin from new/small NOMs without senate association, an investment for some of us who will become leaders of the senate in their countries.

We want to strengthen our links with our friends from the Africa and the Middle East Senate Association (AMESA), the Association of Senators of the Americas and the Caribbean (ASAC) and the Asia Pacific Area Conference (ASPAC) and, if they share the idea, work on common themes/projects (business for example) within the JCI Senate Joint Board.

Communication July, 21st

We had a Skype meeting on June, 26th and discussed about various subjects. Our mains goals are now to strengthen the relations between NOMs in Europe and ASE, get a better knowledge of each of us with a level of implication of senators in the JC life and generate synergies.

Our deadline to publish a document is the EPM in Chisinau (Moldova) in February. 

Team > Zoe Aphamis, Éléonore Rauber, Oscar Hijosa Mila and Alexis Fary

Communication May, 31st

 A conference call with Zoe (May, 18th) allowed us to see better where we want to go. Zoe is to work with the 3 other team members to get their ideas and suggestions.

Team > Zoe, Éléonore, Oscar and Alexis