What do you like about Europe?
Europe is the continent of unity and diversity, transformation and tradition. Of all the reasons why I love Europe, this one is number 1 for a reason. I’ve loved European history since I was about 7 years old. This might be one of the easy reasons why I love Europe, since a majority of our friends are European. Naturally, we find ourselves having a deep connection to those who call Europe home. On all of our European adventures, we have befriended as many people as we can. We love getting to hear stories about their way of life in whichever country we are visiting.

What did your country gave to Europe (music, literature, theatre, politics…)?
Nikola Tesla, Dubrovnik, a cravat (tie), the first all-electric supercar, aerial tramway, rice chocolate, high-speed photography, a parachute, the first solid-ink fountain pen and a ball-pointed pen, a hot water bottle, a quarantine, cable-stayed bridge, the Adriatic Sea and islands…

What did Europe gave to your country (generals, kings & queens, artists, concepts)?
During history, Croatia was under rule of many super-countries which shaped an extensive mixture of all cultures and traditions. Besides that, we got basketball and football, too.

In result of your time at JCI: What did you love about JCI?
So far, it has been an extraordinary and significant journey, full of outstanding people and memorable events in a stellar community. It’s a great way to develop yourself personally and socially.

What do you love about the Senate?
Each one of us who was a JCI National President felt the weight of the Presidential Chain, both physical and moral. That weight carries the responsibility and commitment of all those preceding National Presidents. It’s a quite similar with the Senatorship. In over one hundred years of JCI millions have passed JCI membership, only a small portion of them became Senators. Each JCI Senator carries the responsibility and commitment of all those JCI members of the local chamber from which he come from.

What is your vision for Europe in 2044, the 75th anniversary of the European Senate?
When it comes to JCI, I see Europe where each country will have a stable and functional JCI National Organization. We have to provide development opportunities for young active citizens across Europe, in each country, and empower them to create positive change in their bestowed countries.

What is the action you take to make that vision happen?
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I will support those who would or want to make that first step.