Communication October, 1st

During our Jaycee life, most of us had mentors, and most of us were (and still are) mentors. The ASE board started a Project about MENTORING, trying to encourage other Senators to develop them as mentors. Share your experience in mentoring by answering the form at Answer the questions below, and we are sure that you will encourage other Senators to become mentors.

  • What is your experience as a mentee (person who got a mentorship)? What support (or ideas) did you get from your mentor? How did this mentoring help you? What would be different in your JCI life if you hadn’t been mentored?
  • Describe your experience as a mentor. What (or who) inspired you to be a mentor? What did you get yourself from being a mentor? What do you like most about being a mentor? On which fields/areas could you be a mentor for senators/members?
  • In your opinion, which qualities are most important to be a mentor?
  • What is most significant in the relationship between mentor and mentee? What suggestions do you have for mentors? And for mentees?
  • In your opinion, what value gives mentoring to JCI, to the mentor, and to the mentee?
  • Do you have any special or joyful memory from the mentorship? Share with us, please.

We will select some of the experiences and share them on our Facebook page and website and try to publish a book for Dublin European Conference 2020.

Communication August, 23rd

During our Jaycee life, most of us had mentors and most of us were (and still are) mentors. Many teachings can be taken from these experiences.

We want to realize crossed portraits mentors/mentees and tell stories (written and videos). These interviews could add value to our mentoring, bring us a lot of good practices, get new ideas, short tips, clever suggestions and help members, LOMs, senators… to be better, work better, get a better growth, set new goals and create impacting projects.

We could also use them to elect online the senator of the year before the European conference in Dublin.

We might try to also develop the 2-ways mentoring: from the +70,000 to the -70,000 (today and future) and from the – 70,000 to the +70,000 (history and roots) because each of us can learn from the others, regardless of their age.

Communication July, 21st

Laia discovered recently that JCI is launching “The mentor of the week”, something similar as what we planned… with a maximum of 12 mentors from each area (one per month).

“President Alex Tio will like to launch a program that recognizes these unsung heroes weekly as a way to express gratitude for their support, serve as an inspiration for other past members to support the mission as well as inspire young people to aspire to be as successful.”

Our goals remain to value an unused resource for everyone, connect people, develop a skills network, share experiences and best practices.

A Google form has been created, sent to the 10/12 senators’ test panel and answers are starting to come.

Team > Laia Urdi, Zydre Arlauskaite and Riza Kadilar (EMCC) occasionally.

Communication May, 31st

Laia and I had a conference call (May, 19th) and we defined some objectives for the subject. Laia, Zydre and I also had a Skype call (May, 21st) and we studied the option of two things: a database and stories. Each of us is now working on the same theme and we are to “meet” again soon.

Team > Laia, Myriam, Zydre and Riza (EMCC) sometimes