Every Senator is a President!

Europe hosts 12.000 Senators in more than 30 countries and they all had been in vital positions for JCI, everyone as a President at some level. Within JCI many of us worked on topics like entrepreneurship, charity, social responsibility, created projects to better the society. That had been until we turned 40. 40 is a magic border that forces us to transit into another role in society. Many of us learned that much on voluntary work and politics in JCI that we went on in being a president. We just changed the organizations. We moved from a Junior into a Rotarian, Lions, Kivanian, we moved from JCI to Parliament, we moved into a different kind of responsibility.

While we had been very active in our Junior life Junior Chamber International triggered by the LOMs honored our activities with a lifetime membership and made us a Senator of JCI.

It comes with no duties for a Senator, no tasks. Being a Senator is an honor.

Both, or ongoing involvement into the well-being of the society and the honor of a Senatorship transform us into role models for young active citizens, entrepreneurs and young businesspeople.

Thus, every Senator is a President!  That is why we decided to present over the coming year of our board’s responsibility every Friday a “Senator of the week” from all across Europe. we want you to experience Europe and the different angles and views that we unite in our organization.

Enjoy and join our activities.

Friedhelm Wachs
ASE President 2018/19