What do you like about Europe?
There are so many opportunities that Europe offers today. Social, cultural, business, traveling, economics, sports, etc. Great gifts that we all should appreciate. The connections and friendships of the 500 million people that now share so many common things. Together. The greatest one is summarized in this song from the 1992 Eurovision Contest (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b5whZydVZc). Europe is united and goes steady and firmly in a certain direction.)

What did your country gave to Europe (music, literature, theatre, politics…)?
Highly qualified skilled human capital. Delicious food and authentic yoghurt too.

What did Europe gave to your country (generals, kings & queens, artists, concepts)?
It is difficult to speak on behalf of an entire country.

In result of your time at JCI: What did you love about JCI?
The people. I made lifetime friendships with wonderful people from all over the world. Priceless!

What do you love about the Senate?
The active framework of concrete actions and the experienced and knowledgeable people who are the members!

What is your vision for Europe in 2044, the 75th anniversary of the European Senate?
I think that the focus should fall on the development of the following skills and human/social capital in our organization:

  • Critical thinking
  • Decision making
  • Complex problem solving.
  • Creativity
  • People management.
  • Coordinating with others.
  • Emotional intelligence.

What is the action you take to make that vision happen?
Running my businesses in alignment with all the above stated and adding value in the countries we do business in/customers we make happy. The DNA of the companies I run mirrors the values and goals I described above. That is a direct way I can truly contribute and impact that otherwise somehow abstract and far-fetched goal.