:JCI is one of the few organizations in the world, that are almost everywhere. We want to show our lingual diversity within JCI in a story about the Creed, as the Creed unites us in JCI. This story is about the Little King JCI.

You find it here: http://littlekingjci.com/

We want to show that by mapping all languages we speak in this project. We expect more than 1001 languages (the world has more than 7.000 languages and more than 20.000 dialects). We have just started: the languages we have already you find here: http://littlekingjci.com/translations

A template for the translation you find here: http://littlekingjci.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/LittleKingJayCI_Template_ENG_FR.pdf

You or the people that translate can use their set of letters so it is not only the latin alphabet. When you press the “send” button it will come directly to us.

Please make sure that:

  • we get the language in English or the way it is written in the UN plus  in the original language,
  • we get the titles translated – we know that “the ethics of involvement” is not easy to be translated,
  • we get the name of the translator as we want to honor her or him also in both languages,
  • we get the Creed translated as well  – even if t is not an official translation.

We like to invite you to contribute and add the languages you know or have contacts to into this project. Not only official country languages, but also local, tribal – so all languages in your surroundings.

Start with one, please. Usually it works well and it took people between 20 minutes and two hours. Thank you so much for your help.