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Let’s do business
Do you remember?…
After a never-ending opening party-night at one of all the conferences you have attended – you were there.
At 9.00 a.m. sharp, your JCI-training started. The next one in the afternoon and after the “evening programme” the same procedure for each of the following days. With all these completed training courses you became better and better every day.
The membership of the federation of young (business) leaders and entrepreneurs gave you a boost for your personal development and your professional career.
And now it’s time to harvest!
On our brand-new JCI Senate Europe LinkedIn-platform, you are invited to do business with other Senators. Use your contacts, share your wishes, offers and needs and gain mutually.
You can also share your business interests for publication “to the world” here on this page by sending us a mail at
Whatever your plans are: let’s do business now!


Gabi Stauß (# 71749 Germany) is event manager and revives an old tradition… Sparkling wine and champagne bottles are beheaded with a special champagne saber.

Take a step into the past and immerse yourself in the age of Napoleon or the Russian court of the Tsars. The great general of yesteryear created this tradition. After winning every battle, Napoleon enjoyed a bottle of champagne and beheaded it with his battle saber. At the Russian court of the Tsar one beheaded when a Tsarevich or a Russian princess was born or a high political visit came.

This tradition has survived to this day and offers a special highlight for any festive occasion. Gabi has already given workshops at many JCI events and those who have successfully drilled for the first time received a certificate in German and in French.