Let’s Talk Business

An informal conversation

about learned lessons and experience in business,

organized by JCI European Senate,

and presented by Filipe Carrera (right)

and Robbert van Waart (left).

On March, 1st

Filipe Carrera & Robbert van Waart welcomed

Byron Soulopoulos

He is the Founder and CEO of EngineerX.
He is building a community of top mechanical, material, electrical, and aerospace engineers to work on the most challenging and sustainable projects for large industrial organizations. Byron is passionate about electric vehicles.
As co-founder and president of Tesla Owners Club Belgium and EV Belgium, he contributes to the acceleration
of the world’s transition to sustainable energy.
He joined JCI back in 2005.
In his spare time, he enjoys the fantastic food creations
from the world’s best chefs in their restaurants.

On January 20th,

Filipe Carrera & Robbert van Waart welcomed

Fatih Katipoğlu

an entrepreneur, futurist and active citizen.
He founded WoodLab, Interplus Group International Trade, Erman Kunter Basketball Academy,
FuturistPanda, Ayka Sport Club, President and Franchisor, Galatasaray Sports Schools.
In JCI, he was JCI Istanbul president 2019
and JCI Turkey vice president 2020.

On December 12th,

Filipe Carrera & Robbert van Waart welcomed

Ullrika Sellman

Ullrika is 2021 deputy national president for JCI Sweden
and head trainer for JCI European Academy.
Her passion in business is service management
specialized in IT.

On November 24th,

Filipe Carrera & Robbert van Waart welcomed

Ruth Gabler-Schachermayr

Ruth is the founder of CareerMum,
accomplished fundraising specialist,
international speaker and trainer.
Working in fundraising management,
consulting NGOS and building up fundraising departments.
Engaged with JCI, currently as EDC Councilor.
Her passion is empowering women, especially mums!

On October 13th,

Filipe Carrera & Robbert van Waart welcomed

John di Rico

John owns a niche translation company, manages sales
and marketing for a translation software company,
builds bridges among people across the world
and is a very well-known, active member of JCI.

On September 15th,

Filipe Carrera & Robbert van Waart welcomed

Harald Lepisk

inspirator, coach, trainer, author, motivational speaker,

former vice-president of JCI Estonia.

On August, 20th,

Filipe Carrera & Robbert van Waart welcomed

Mihaela Stroe

JCI Senator from Romania.

On July, 14th,

Filipe Carrera & Robbert van Waart welcomed

Temelko Dechev

entrepreneur with a international background, former president of JCI Bulgaria and JCI Senator.

« Be prepared to fail, either win or learn and be comfortable being disliked… »

One of the business lessons of Temelko…

Watch Temelko’s interview