Most of us are mentors

During our Jaycee life, most of us had mentors, most of us have been mentors and some of us still are mentors.
The ASE board wants to value this unused resource, the mentoring, in order to encourage senators to become mentors in a large number of areas.
We asked recently senators to share their experience in mentoring by answering our form at

We asked the 6 following questions:

  • What is your experience as a mentee (person who got a mentorship)? What support (or ideas) did you get from your mentor? How did this mentoring help you? What would be different in your JCI life if you hadn’t been mentored?
  • Describe your experience as a mentor. What (or who) inspired you to be a mentor? What did you get yourself from being a mentor? What do you like most about being a mentor? On which fields/areas could you be a mentor for senators/members?
  • In your opinion, which qualities are most important to be a mentor?
  • What is most significant in the relationship between mentor and mentee? What suggestions do you have for mentors? And for mentees?
  • In your opinion, what value gives mentoring to JCI, to the mentor, and to the mentee?
  • Do you have any special or joyful memory from the mentorship? Share with us, please.

54 senators answered our questionnaire, published on Facebook (Association of JCI Senators in Europe) and on our website in the section « Mentoring ».