Building Bridges Since 1915!

We live in challenging times where the lack of trust, conflicts and fake news prevail and the best antidot is to build bridges across Europe and beyond through the extensive network of 12,000 JCI Senators in 38 countries that is the basis of the Association of JCI Senators in Europe.

The communication and understanding of people across borders create opportunities in different fields and secures peace.

Like JCI became a truly international organization in the aftermath of the Second World War after people experience the horrors of war, now more than ever we need a strong JCI with active and committed members, and we the Senators should be mentors of the new generations.

For this year that I have the privilege to lead, our priorities will be communication and creating opportunities of business and personal development across and beyond the European Senate community.

Let’s Build Bridges Together! 

Filipe Carrera
#68039 Portugal
ASE President 2022-2023