The magic of fellowship

Croeso, Bienvenue, Willkommen, Velkommen, Tervetuloa, Bienvenida, Benvenuta, Fàilte

As I said in Bucharest I believe in Magic – the Magic of Fellowship. Since our very first Senate breakfast, when we were made very welcome by a host of people we did not know, my wife Morag #51767 and I have believed in the power of Senate Fellowship. Fellowship has always, combined with international travel, been the thing about the Senate that we both enjoyed most.  I started to see its power and really value it when I was British Senate Chairman. The effect of Senate Fellowship was so evident when I received heart felt thank you notes from Senators who have been sent a get-well card from all those present at a Senate gathering. However, the real power of Senate Fellowship was very evident when the cards, flowers and messages flooded in and helped lift Morag’s spirits during her treatment and even when she was very tired she still wanted to join the regular Zoom Chats.

It has also made the last six months much easier for me knowing that I have all these Senate friends ready to support me and of course I am also enjoying making new Senate friends too.

However, this is not the only reason I believe in the Magic of Fellowship. In the European Senate we do many things that provide memorable Senate Experiences. Whether that be on a Senate Pre tour; or visiting a new city where a local Senator you have never met before shows you their home town; or home hospitality whether it be for a couple of hours or a couple of days; or the Senate programmes at National Senate Meetings, Senate Conferences, Senate Summits, Drumming Outs, Crayfish Lunch, Senotium and Senate Golf Events – it is Senate Fellowship that makes all these experiences possible. It is also Senate Fellowship that makes our business networking more powerful and what would often be seen as hard work more like fun.

I also believe that we need to focus on delivering on our Constitutional Purpose which is why I have structured the ASE board to mirror our stated purpose and provide focused support where needed. I also think that the ASE needs to be closer to the membership which is why all the elected members of the board will be assigned as ambassadors to some countries and through that they will better understand our membership.

The ASE is a membership organisation and our role is to support both the individual Senators throughout Europe and also to support the National Senate Organisations where we can. As JCI Senators one of our main purposes is to support JCI and its active members and I am talking to the World President and the Secretary General about how we can best do that.

We are also working closely with the EC COC to help make sure that all Senators who join the conference will have memorable Senate Experiences in Oulu.

I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to the ASE Spring Meeting which will be a magical experience at the Hogsmere Senate School of Fun & Fellowship with a Pre tour of North Wales beforehand for those who have the time. Of course, this is only one of many events in the European Senate programme which includes several ASE board meeting weekends which you are all welcome to attend and the numerous excellent Senate days and weekends where visitors from other countries are always welcome. I will be going to many of them so please join me and other members of the ASE team there. 😉

Edrychaf ymlaen at eich croesawu i Ogledd Cymru ym mis Ebrill (I look forward to welcoming you to North Wales in April).

Take care and Slainte Mhath.

Peter Browning
# 49104 North Wales UK

ASE President 2023-2024