Online ASE Directory

Many countries have a very useful printed directory of their Senators and we have decided to work towards having an online directory of all the ASE members which will enable Senators to make contact with Senators in a particular geographical location or with particular professional skills etc.
f course, it will also be useful to find friends you have lost contact with and also to find out a bit more about a new friend you have just met at a Senate event but not swapped contact details with.
The first step to creating that online directory in a secure area of our website which only registered members of the ASE will be able to access is to set up a register of our members.

As you may know, membership of the Association of Senators in Europe (ASE) is free of charge.
So that we can provide better services to our members; communicate with them regularly; send out notices of General Assemblies and to comply with the legal requirements of GDPR and our registration with the Register of Associations in Strasbourg we are setting up an electronic Membership Register and need your help to do that.

Please complete and return the membership form below (available in English, French, Spanish & Catalan), which has some options on what communications you would like to receive from the ASE in the future, to

As mentioned in the introduction we are also planning to use the membership register as the base for an Online ASE Directory that will be developed this year and of course you will have the option to opt out of being in the directory if you wish.
For those who wish to see our current constitution before completing the form here is a link:
We would be very grateful if you could return the membership form to as soon as possible.
Membership of the ASE is open to all JCI Senators who are resident in Europe or were awarded their JCI Senatorship by a European chapter or national organisation.

Slàinte Mhaith
Peter Browning #49104
ASE President 2023/24