ASE Senate Mapping 2020

 In 2014, the ASE « mapped » the Senate in Europe to gain a better understanding of the activities and structures of the Senate groups. That gave some useful information and we now wish to update that map and go into some more details so that we have a more comprehensive view of the Senate, with its strengths and opportunities.

The 2019-2020 mapping project gives us a much clearer picture: what it is doing and how it is operating in the various countries. It also allows us to see where the ASE can add value while enabling us to identify best practice and share it between organisations so that together we can better serve our members and also support JCI in the most appropriate way possible.

The mapping process helps the countries to see better what they are doing well and what opportunities there are for them to do new things or do things differently. The results of the mapping should also help them to create synergies for the benefit of Senators and JCI.

The ASE would like to warmly thank Véronique Bonhomme (# 58400 France) for the huge amount of work that this investigation represents, a long-term effort and a very important processing of the information and documents she received. She declared: A very interesting job to learn more about the Senate organizations in Europe, identify the best practices in each country and share it between our organizations. It’s also a real working database for the next ASE boards to work more efficiently and to serve our members better.

ASE Senate Mapping 2014

In 2014, the ASE carried out an exercise to “map” the Senate in Europe by contacting national senate organisations across Europe and asking a series of questions to establish:

  • Structure and the programme of the national senate organisation
  • Number of senators by senate number range
  • Amount of any dues
  • Communication
  • Meetings and events
  • Relations with current JCI Members

This first mapping was also done by Véronique Bonhomme.

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