Vision 2030 Results & Recommendations


The SurveyMonkey, the Riga Mentimeter, the “Lübeck impulse”, the videos done by Filipe and Robbert, the conclusions from 2018 and 2019… were good starting documents to feed our reflection for a plan of action “Vision 2030”, which was planned to be communicated during the European conference in Dublin in May.

This ASE year, our group made 54 live interviews of senators with various numbers between 50,000 and 79,000, always asking the same questions:

  • What is for you to be a JCI senator?
  • What should be the role of the European Senate?
  • How could we attract more young/recent senators to participate to the life/activities of the European Senate?

We used at first Skype, Facebook, Zoom… Then we made live interviews during JCI European presidents’ meeting (EPM) in Chisinau (Moldova) and during the French presidents’ meeting in Châteauroux (Centre of France) in February 2020. We planned to continue during the ASE Spring meeting and Balkan conference in Belgrade (Serbia) in March but…

After analysing all records, some recommendations have been written and will be used to build our medium-range plan of action to strengthen the influence of our association.

ASE “Vision 2030” Team > Filipe Carrera # 68039 & Robbert van Waart # 70308